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As a professional saxophonist with over twenty-five years of playing experience, Spencer has traveled the world playing at different venues and festivals a broad. "It has been an experience of a lifetime." He said  "When people listen to music that you have practiced and worked for so long, it is amazing and gratifying to perform those songs and have people enjoy listening to them. If you would like to book TSpencer for entertainment at a wedding, conference, private party or special show,

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Spencer is a saxophonist in greater Redding area and has performed all over the Western United States as well as Germany, Switzerland, and Canada. He believes that sharing his gift of music and the passion for performing music with others is a connection that can't be explained. "It's meaningful and euphoric when the the music is right and people who are watching get into it!" Spencer said after a concert "I know that I have been extremely fortunate to be able to play music with great musicians and perform in different cities and for many different people throughout my life." 


Below is a link to

an original demo track from his former group Isaiiah58.

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