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It’s the thrill of rippin’ it down the slopes on steep terrain, doing jump turns down a narrow chute, pushing yourself to the maximum limit of your skill level. Slicing the snow with deep carved turns and hanging on as the speed picks up.


This is how Spencer looks at skiing. "I am a ski bum at heart, and will always be." He said on a chairlift at Alpine Meadows. "I guess you could say it was in grained in me since I was a little kid. My parents had me on ski's when I was 2-years old, and for the last 4-decades I have been shredding the west coast mountains of California and Oregon."

  • 2018 Far West Masters California Championship (S2) GS - 2nd place

  • 2016 Far West Masters California( Championship (S3) GS - 1st place

  • 2016 Far West Masters California Championship (S3) SL - 2nd place

  • Professional Ski Instructor Association Cert I & II  

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As a snow skier, I am always looking to keep track of the resorts I visit and the mountains I shred. This is snow skiers log that I developed for skiers to track what mountains they ski. Keep track of the runs you take and the elevation you ski for a more detailed record. 

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Spencer has been a certified through the Professional Ski Instructors of America and was fortunate to learn from some of the best demo instructors in the nation. Mt. Hood Meadows was his home mountain when he found the joy in teaching people of all ages how to ski. As a certified United States Ski Association Coach, he taught high school ski racing in Northern California and helped a few young athletes find success at state championships.

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